Friday, July 30, 2010

Changes to be made ~

Changes to be made,
to put a plaster on our wounds...

Changes to be made,
to light up the path we are walking through...

Changes to be made,
to learn from wrong and never ever do it again...

Changes to be made,
to not hurt the other anymore...

Changes to be made,
to fulfill both inner needs...

Changes to be made,
to live happily and healthily...

Changes to be made,
to secure our position in each other's heart...

Changes to be made,
to have an endless journey ahead...

Changes to be made,
to never ever lose the love one again but to hold him tightly...

Changes to be made,
to tell my love one that ... >>>>>>>


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I want it that way ~

i want lots of surprises in my life,
i want to have something memorable & unforgettable in my life,
i want to create events & days which will be remembered forever,
i want to capture our love in anyway,
i want to treasure the every moment we spent together,
i want to be the one who always be remembered and care for,
i WANT to be THE ONE ~ ~ ~

i want to achieve goals that i've been aiming,
i want to make changes in my life,
i want to have a professional career with lucrative salary,
BUT i might want to have my own business and becoming the Boss here ;)

whatcha' say ?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

永邦 - 你是我最深爱的人

i cant help falling in LOVE with this song, after first time listen to it n year ago back then ~ ~ ~

recently, it has reappear in my life, making me feel so HAPPY get to listen to it again in different places ^v^

last few week, at my cousin bro's wedding dinner, they have put this song as the background music when showing the slideshow of some photos & the video ~ ~ ~ the BEST song ever to put, in one's wedding =P

again, listen to this song few times in radio ~ ~ ~

then, 2day found it posted by my tuition teacher, Mr Chong in FB... and i get to share it with everybody by posting it on my profile ^0^ also, share with my followers in my blog hereeeee

For me, i really think that this song is the BEST LOVE SONG ever which really grab my attention... the singer sings it very well, full of emotion and somehow, i can feel it... Awwwwwww.............................................................

( My heart would definitely melt, if HE sings this song for me, hahahahhhahaaa..... although i know i'll die when my heart melts =P )

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bouquet of Roses vs Stack of AngpauS

Lonely Bunny ~ ~ ~

Entering the month February,
i bet everyone is smelling the aroma of "LOVE is in the AIR"
the scent of he used which i could not forget,
the feeling of loved, care, and sense of belonging,
is growing stronger and stronger in me .....

( NOT only couple who feel the day,
it's also a day to spent time with your gals / your bros,
to do something crazy and FUN together,
kinda like a friendship day, or family day as well,
to SHOW your LOVE ~ ~ ~ )

everyone should & suppose to be talking about the '' V '' Day !!!
V for Vendetta ?
V for violin ??
V for venus ???

~ LOL ~
V for VALENTINES Day ^v^
14th of February this year will be a Sunday,
which suppose to be a GREAT day, as it is NOT a working day,
people get to celebrate it with their love ones,
to hop on an amazing trip,
followed by sumptuous dinner at fancy restaurant,
with a bouquet of roses, red wine,
which they called it -- > candle light dinner . . .

( also, 1 of my dream here as i will be spending my 1st valentine this year,
after we've been together for 8 months long ~ ~ ~ )


for this year,
year of 2010,

Valentines Day = Chinese New Year

i'm very sure, this year there will NO '' V'' day,
as CNY will be so grand, and the focus point here,
and ''V'' day will definitely be overshadowed by CNY .... *sigh*

Instead, plans were changed.
Everyone, will for sure, will busy for CNY, and forgot about ''V'' day.
have their reunion dinner the night before,
on THAT day itself,
Trip to kampung, each hometown,
celebrating CNY, meeting relatives, cousins,
(not your sweet lovely darling ~.~)

NO flowers on that day,
(instead you'll have mandarin oranges, Angpau)
NO red wine,
(instead you'll have packet drinks, can drinks)

NO candle light dinner + steak + fancy restaurant,
(instead, Table of 10 + "lou sang" + restaurant)

Sounds pathetic huh...
anyway, this is what i feel so far,
after having chit-chatting with my gals during lunch break 2day ...

i'll keep pracitsing Law of Attraction, <>
i'll just HOPE that this year i'll still have a memorable and a nice "V" day


Last Day of January 2010 ~

The 8th Asia Pacific International Honesty Enterprise Keris Award 2009

was held at Palace of the Golden Horse,
on 31st January 2009,
working hours = 8pm - 10pm (Sat)
7am - 10pm (Sun) o.O

oh ya, me and my sister,
together with my other 5 Professional Development classmates,
went to work on that day,
and was paid RM100 each for this job.
( we were helping out, as we are organizing a camp on 26th 27th Feb,
and we need fund for it .... )

here I am, since we were all under different categories,
and different job scope, some are interesting, some are bored =P

For me, i'm same group with my sister,
we are in-charge of the afternoon Winners' Meeting,
where they are there to interact with other winners,
and there is a simple yet important -- Certificate Presentation Ceremony ..

We are stage usherer.
SO, we have people to help us makeup & style our hair !!!
hheheeeee,, so far this is the most exciting part,
as we get to pampered a bit,
and to have a new OL look for that day ^v^

~ Take 1 ~

~ Take 2 ~

Before goin home ...

Let's Start CAMWHORE !!!

Joanna ~ the guai guai lui, the secretary
ChianChian ~ the bitchy, mean, stuck-up, Boss >,<
Carmen ~ the other sexy yet Blurr and hyper secretaty #2

with Joanna & Meilina ( in white )
with Nicole & Carmen ( in black )

sowieee,, sister was the 1 taking all these photos !!!

Had FUN that night,
even though none of us won the lucky draw t.t

--> RM500 CSL Blueberry phonoe
( it's ciplak 1 lar, i still lurve my white K770i )

--> RM2000 slimming product, RM500+ beauty product
( we dont need it, we are slim enough, pretty enough, RIGHT ??? )

we have taken Psychology class,
learn Defence Mechanism - Rationalization =D
= proven=

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Updates ~ ~ ~

18th December 2009

We had a class gathering at Berjaya Times Square - Gasoline ^^
there were 18 people who attended the reunion,
and as the organiser,
i'm so glad and happy to see them who willing to come on that day ~

there were a few of them,
whom i haven't met for 10 years,
since we graduated from our primary school,
and it was really a meaningful gathering for me,
to meet them again, and keep in touch in FB *of course* =D

Meet the LADIES !!!

and the GUYS !!!

Group photo ^v^
(before heading to Pandan Indah for 2nd round for dinner)

19th December 2009

Attended her 21st birthday party ,
she's 1 of my oldest and BEST friend since we were 5 years old !!!
Jean Hwei
she's currently studying in Australia
and just came back for her 3 months break...

Jean, you look fantastic that night ;)

Pei Qi, Jean & Chian
( friends from primary school who attended her party ^^ )

Bunch of crazy and funny childhood friends !!!
know each other for so many years, and have fun together =P

(too bad, my sis was late and missed the photograph session)

Popo, cousin sis, mummy, Aunty Lilian (Jean's mum),
Me and my dear, CK

so happy that Bi teman me and went to the party together ...

24-27 December 2009

PD + Malacca = 4 days 3 nights Christmas trip...

1st time went holiday with my Bi and also together with his friends ~
have been a great experience going out all together,
and get to know each of them little by little...

this picture very much...

Bi is again with his signature pose *hugssss*

with my Bi's "adik" -- May Kay
spent my 1st night same room with her,, hahahahaaa...
also, nice to meet her during this trip ^^

All of us ~ eating McD's ice-cream...
resting after a long day in Malacca,
before heading to the next destination

This photo is NOT edited, nothing to do with photoshop,
it's GENUINE !!!
( camwhore session on the last day, waiting for dinner time )

Left few of us on the last day evening,,
we wanted to avoid the jam while going back to KL,
so we decided to stay back awhile,
- to eat Lala that we missed the night before,
- to watch AVATAR 3D at 9.30pm,, hahhahaa

~ Dinner time ~
we had the famous lala, sotong kangkung & fishball+ toupok

30th December 2009

it was the 2nd last day of work,
we had a mini party to celebrate New Year
it was also a post-Christmas celebration =P

We had BBQ Roast Chicken with Mushroom, tuna sandwic,
Domino Pizza, fruits, "loh hon guo" chinese herbal drinks ^^

Then, it's time to take as many pictures as possible for remembrance ~
Posing with our centre's christmas tree and our presents ,,

This is what we've been busy decorating before Christmas,,
"Blessed Christmas ",, and the Snowman & his family ,, LOL

Lastly, gift exchange session *yippieee*

31st December 2009

Had the worst night before, and i thought everything will be gone (t.t)
the last day of my internship at UCSI CDC was the toughest 1 ,
had to shed my tears while working,,
and i'm too emotional on that day ...

It was a LONG day and at last, i survived until 5pm,, time to ciao ~
Luckily, my gals agreed to teman me on New Year Eve,

we went to Leisure Mall for movie at 7pm..
a nice movie, very funny and they are so cute singing Beyonce's song !!!

then, we headed to Boston又一城 for dinner ...
Something unbelievable strikes at 9.04pm & 9.14pm ,,
and at 9.15pm, that call really made my day !!!
* the happiness was clearly shown on my face at that moment*

~ M3 and Eyvon ~ ^^V

Stella was taking photos of each of our necklace that we've bought together...

this is MINE !!!
- clover leaf -

1st January 2010

i started my 1st day of year 2010 quite well,,
everything moves on smoothly, since midnight ~ ~ ~

He called, we talked, problem solved.

Went out dinner with his dinner at Hulu Langat,
and then he brought me along with his friends,
to Genting at night ^^
6 people heading to Genting's Casino..

It was my 1st time LEGALLY entering casino,
and also 1st time going to Genting with him ;)

We left at around 4am, and headed to Jalan Ipoh ,,
for superb early breakfast -- Dimsum !!! hahhahaaaaa....
then after fetching his friend one by one home,
it was my time to say goodBye,
reached home at 6.30am ,,
and then off to bed, me and him !!!

2nd January 2010

Buffet Dinner at Swiss Garden Hotel,,
with my daddy, mummy, sister and her bf, KC =)

it was like a retreat for Citibank card holder,
something like buy 1 free1 promotion ~

Sis was eating the lobster and she lurves it... *obviously*
and her shy shy bf was behind her, 80% covered already,
sowieee... cant see his face clearly >.<

big prawn with "siu bak choy",
black pepper lamb chop with wedges,
kung po fried lala ^^V

some of the desserts ~ ~

Mini lobster, and oyster
*super FRESH, according to them*
i didn't eat larrrrr,, not my cup of tea ><

curi curi tangkap gambar
when daddy mummy were savouring those yummilicious food

camwhoring again,, LOLxxx....
(mummy so cute lar,, suddenly appear behind us) =P

on the way back home,, i'm acting emo & sad sad look...
coz missing my Bi the whole night, who couldn't make it for dinner with us -.-

3rd January 2010

it was a boring Sunday =.=
the last day of holiday before going back to Uni...

went out for lunch and then pergi jalan jalan,
looking for furniture shop,
mum and dad want to change a new set of sofa ~

really bored,
BUT,, i found something interesting to do... ^^

i'm drowning,
i'm stranded in the pool of nice sofas here >.<

No more 2009, Welcome 2010 ^ - ^

Been through the worst day of year 2009,,
it was 31/12/2009 T.T
i never felt so pain, suffer that much in my entire life...
afraid of losing,
afraid of being left alone,
afraid of going back to my life before 17/5/2009 *sob*

Friends are there for me last few days,
still i cant find my comfort zone w/o him ~ ~ ~
it's like there is a missing piece of puzzle,
and i cant stop searching for it,
and hoping to fill up the empty space in my life for the past few days...

Luckily, i do not have to be alone on New Year Eve,
thanks to my gals - Eyvon & Stella,
who stays besides me and be there all the time...
You did not left me alone at last,
i was overjoyed when 1st saw ur msg appear in my hp,
and followed by your call....

The last few days of year 2009 was the worst nightmare ever,,
my mind was flooded with all sorts of negative feelings,

i was delighted on the night of new year eve...
Followed by the 1st day of 2010,,
i'm back in my comfort zone,
feeling i'm being owned and i'm alone no-more ...
*burst in tears due to happiness*

Saturday, November 28, 2009

I'm Back !!!

~ i'm sorry ~

My apologies to those of my friends who have been waiting and wondering,
why i've abandoned my blog for so long, more than 4 months i guess >,<

there are too many things happened in the past few months,
lots of sweet and bitter memories,,
lots of photos had been taken and i shall post up some here,,
( but not all,, LOL )

1. My sweet & lovely 21st Birthday <3

This my birthday cake, which i really lurve it, and it taste very nice too..

Thanks to my daddy, mummy, sister...
for planning and organizing, thus giving me a dream come true
--> to have a 21st birthday party ^^
Love you *muacksss*

So glad that my boyfriend and his family came along...
Thank You...

So surprise coz my cousin sis - Hui Yee came that night, she said she was not coming ...
BUT, she showed up and brought me present too ^^
btw, she's an actress in NTV7 Mandarin dramas, and in various theater show..
she's well- known as 阿果, who hosted a show in Astro las time ;)

2. Deepavali visiting

Went to visit my 2 close Uni friends on Deepavali that day,
first we went to Sannujah's house,
then we move on to Kana's place ^v^
tried so many yummy Indian delicacies just in a couple of hours,
and we were very excited and get to know some Indian culture ...

4 of us (soke ling, me, xiao hui, jia rou),
visited 2 of our indian friends ^^

3. UCSI University Annual Awards Day

4. Outing with Psyc classmates after Final exam ^^

With Kana, Sannu, Xiao Hui, we went to Leisure Mall..
Lunch at Kenny Rogers,
watched the something cloudy-meatball- wadeva movie =P

Went to singK with another gang of Psyc classmates too on another day,
with Xiao Hui, Jeanzz, Ying Ying, and Kimberly... hahahhahaaa

5. Best Buddies Training Workshop

Met some of the new BB members, some juniors, and had fun with the buddies too..
and i'm officially resigned and not taking any position in BB T.T
( Sorry Ker Shin,
and i really felt so much better after talking to you the other day about this issue,
and thanks for your understanding and willingness to listen and talk to me )

i will always there to support BB, and ready to contribute whenever help is needed ^^

6. My Internship Days

Doing my Coop 1 with my cute & lovely classmate, Joanna Mah...
working at UCSI CDC ( Child Development Centre )
for this 2 months, Nov-Dec.

Fr left : UCSI CDC Director, Dr Jimmy Mok, Me,
UCSI CDC Assistant Manager, Ms Lenny Pang, Joanna.

Photo above was taken at the end of the UCSI CDC 1st Annual Concert...

Staff Dinner at Tai Thong Restaurant, Cheras Plaza.

Had great time spending with my colleagues and boss...
Dance and had karaeok session too with all of them ,, LOL

It was the last day of school, and it spells p-a-r-t-y !!!

Children were listening to Teacher Lenny before allowing them to sing and dance

Thanks to Lenny,
coz willing to borrow us her Korean clothes for camwhoring purpose

Another 1, thanks to Elizabeth...
willing to borrow us the Saree and tied for us too ^^
(i've been wanting to try on saree, missed the chance in NS back then)

7. Entering the sixth month

More stable relationship,
unlike our sweet and honeymoon time back then...
Now we are like "old" couple, which is what i feel, and there are pros & cons =P

Anyway, I LOVE YOU so much and i cant live w/o you Bi !!!
( Hope to enjoy our holiday on 24th, 25th, 26th Dec )

i hope i'll update constantly here,
stay tuned guys !!!